Curso Programando em C++

    c++ programando 300x214 Curso Programando em C++Curso programando em C++, otmo tutorial para aperfeiçoar os conhecimentos dessa sensacional linguagem de programação. No total são 73 video aulas, onde você vai apreder a trabalhar com loop, string, arrays, variaveis, funções e muito mais…

    Lista completa das video aulas:

    1Installing CodeBlocks
    2Understanding a Simple C++ Program
    3More on Printing Text
    5Creating a Basic Calculator
    6Variables Memory Concepts
    7Basic Arithmetic
    8if Statement
    10Creating Functions That Use Parameters
    11Functions That Use Multiple Parameters
    12Introduction to Classes and Objects
    13Using Variables in Classes
    15Placing Classes in Separate Files
    16if Statement…..again
    17if / else Statement
    18while Loops
    19Simple Program Using a Loop
    20Sentinel Controlled Program
    21Assignment and Increment Operators
    22for Loops
    23Making a Stock Market Simulator
    24do while Loops
    26Logical Operators
    27Random Number Generator
    28Default Arguments / Parameters
    29Unary Scope Resolution Operator
    30Function Overloading
    33Create an Array Using Loops
    34Using Arrays in Calculations
    35Passing Arrays to Functions
    36Multidimensional Arrays
    37How to Print Out Multidimensional Arrays
    38Introduction to Pointers
    39Pass by Reference with Pointers
    41Pointers and Math
    42Arrow Member Selection Operator
    44const Objects
    45Member Initializers
    47Composition Part 2
    50Operator Overloading
    51More on Operator Overloading
    53protected Members
    54Derived Class Constructors and Destructors
    55Introduction to Polymorphism
    56virtual Functions
    57Abstract Classes and Pure virtual Functions
    58function Templates
    59function Templates with Multiple Parameters
    60class Templates
    61Template Specializations
    63More Exceptions Examples
    64Working with Files
    65Tips for File Handling
    66Writing Custom File Structures
    67Reading Custom File Structures
    68Cool Program Working with Files
    69Finishing the Awesome Program
    70Reviewing the Final Program
    71string Class and string Functions
    72string substrings, swapping, and finding
    73Final Video for this Series

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